Try These Music-Referral Web Sites

December 13, 2017
Survey: Buzz Falling for Signet, Rising for Pandora
Have a personal DJ: Pandora Charms Clearance will help you build your own radio station based on artists you specify
Create a Community: MyStrands lets you see and share information about the music you listen to and allows you to receive updated information on new music discovered by friends
Social Networking: Mog’s model connects you with like-minded people who can point you to a new album

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Share Your Knowledge: If you have lots of songs in common with someone, you’ll probably like the ones you don’t have, too
Internet Radio: 365 offers the world’s largest selection of user-generated radio stations, and you can create your own
Map It: Plasma allows you to enter an artist, and will create a striking graphical map that show the overlapping relationships between artists. Marvin Gaye, for example, is orbited by Sly and the Family Stone, Aretha Franklin and Al Green.

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